Organic Social: Early Childhood Center

Oberlin Early Childhood Instagram Post 1 Mockup


This project entailed creating posts (including stories and videos) and ads for Oberlin Early Childhood Center Facebook, Instagram, and Google profile to help build Oberlin Early Childhood’s brand awareness and to help promote their Pre Kindergarten program to help boost enrollment.

For this project, I created 71 social media posts that were used by Oberlin Early Childhood Center. The goal was to feature their Pre-K program. In the end, the social media posts built the build awareness and the Pre-K enrollment went up.


Oberlin Early Childhood Center is a non-profit organization that is focused on providing a quantity of early childhood education for infants to pre-k students. They provided a Reggio Emilia style of learning as well as trying to make it affordable for any income.


Oberlin Early Childhood Center Logo

My Responsibilities

On this project, I served as a Digital Marketing Intern at BW Digital Marketing Center with Oberlin Early Childhood Center being one of my clients. I received instruction from my supervisor, the Digital Marketing Director, about what types of posts to create.

I was able to choose images, create videos, and write copy for the social media posts and ads. I was to help Oberlin Early Childhood Center develop a more consistent overall social media presence. I also helped make them a brand ID to help them be more consistent with their overall branding.

My Process

I created the social posts in a content plan using the Google suite. For each content plan, I would provide a copy and the different copy variations for Instagram and Facebook. The post where hard and soft sells, however, most of the posts were designed to promote the pre-K program, build brand awareness, and help differentiate Oberlin Early Childhood Center from their competitors.

To make the social media content, I used Canva, Adobe Spark, and Abode Photoshop. For static image posts, I would provide two images for the client to pick from. For video posts, I would provide one video, but make changes as needed. Those content plans would get sent to the client to get approved be for posting. Once approved, I scheduled posts using Facebook Business Suite.

Post Examples

OECC instagram post screenshot for national play outside day
OECC instagram post screenshot for lunches
OECC instagram post screenshot for 5 star rating
OECC instagram post screenshot for classroom and nature

Measuring Success

My team began posting to the Oberlin Early Childhood Center’s Facebook and Instagram accounts on April 6 and shared updates on a regular basis through early October 2021 for a total of 71 posts (including stories and videos)

The goal of these posts were to focus primarily on the Pre-K program as well as on general selling points of OECC that support the Pre-K program such as Reggio, the facility, and others.

My team was also told that the Pre-K enrollment went up! They were having staffing issues due to Covid and people leaving the profession so they actually couldn’t take all the students/families that wanted to enroll.

Organic Reach Measurement for OECC