Lux Fashion Rentals

Logo & Brochure | Fall 2021

The objective of this project was to create a complete brand identity for a conceptual clothing rental store, LUX Fashion Rentals. I envisioned LUX Fashion Rentals as a 1920’s, Art Deco-inspired clothing rental store. LUX Fashion Rentals focuses on providing a variety of luxury looks on a budget. This concept of luxury is utilized throughout LUX Fashion Rentals’ branding to emphasize how customers will feel when they rent their products. LUX’s colors are black and white to emphasize a classic feel. The fonts used are Britannic Bold and Tw Cen MT Regular. They are used because of their different variations of thick and thin line work with sharp angles, which is seen in the logo design, to invoke the art deco feel. Images were considered for different feels based on quality and luxury.

Rubber Stamped image of the LUX Fashion Rentals Logo
front side of lux fashion rentals brochure
inside of lux fashion rentals brochure

This project required me to research different types of branding options, logo styles, and brochure layout to be able to efficiently create the logo, branding, and brochure for LUX Fashion Rentals. My inspiration, research, personas, and thumbnails are below.

LUX Fashion Rentals Brochure Inspiration
LUX Fashion Rentals Brochure Thumbnails
LUX Fashion Rentals Mood Board
LUX Fashion Rentals Logo Thumbnails
LUX Fashion Rentals Persona of Kailey Jones
LUX Fashion Rentals Persona of Steve Brooks
LUX Fashion Rentals Persona of Stephanie Williams