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This project entailed creating a series of social media posts to help grow Turning Point Yoga & Wellness’ brand awareness and promote their classes to help boost enrollment numbers. The social media posts were published using HubSpot and posted to Turning Point Yoga & Wellness’ Facebook, Instagram, and Google accounts. This project also entailed running google ads and updating the website.


Turning Point Yoga & Wellness is a small business founded in January 2021 in Westlake, OH. Turning Point Yoga & Wellness offers different classes like yoga, meditation, wellness coaching, intuitive reading, spiritual clearing, and more special events like retreats, motivational speakers, etc.

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My Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain a content calendar
  • Develop and present content ideas
  • Create stories, posts, and videos to be shared on Facebook, Instagram, and Google
  • Write captions and edit images and/or videos for each post
  • Create and update Linktree
  • Schedule posts using Hootsuite
  • Create and run two Google Ads
  • Meet with my supervisor to get approval for posts and ads
  • Develop and present ideas and strategies to supervisor

My Process

My Process for Creating Social Media Posts

When creating social media posts for Turning Point Yoga & Wellness, I would first write the captions/comments for my post in a google doc. Then, I would source and edit images and videos. I used Photoshop, Adobe Spark (now Adobe Express), Canva, and I would source images from free stock images sites like Unsplash and Pexels.

After creating those posts, I would meet with my supervisor to get approval. Once approved, I would place and manage them in our content calendar. Then, I would schedule those posts using Hootsuite for Instagram, Facebook, and Google Business. This was my first-time using Hootsuite. I would also update the LinkTree to make sure it was updated and synced with our current posts.

My Process for Creating Google Ads

Turning Point Yoga & Wellness had a small budget for Google Ads so I was in charge of finding coupon codes for free or at least discounted ads as well as creating them.

This was my first experience using Google Ads, so I took the Google Ads and Google Analytics for Beginners courses. I took this course to help me understand how google ads worked and to figure out how to write quality ads with high conversion rates.

I created the first Google ad to see what type of results would come up for yoga near me or yoga Westlake. This moved our website from the #8 Google ranking to be #2. Based on those analytics that I got from the first ad, I created a second ad to promote specific meditation and yoga classes. Then I also revised the first ad to be more effective on Google SERP and to improve conversion rates

Software Used

  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Spark (Adobe Express)
  • Canva
  • Unsplash
  • Pexels
  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • WordPress
  • Linktree

Post Examples

Yoga Studio 10 Techniques for Meditation Post
Yoga Studio Guided Meditation Post
Yoga Studio Relaxing Meditation Post
Yoga Studio Yoga Post

My Successes

I created 60 social posts for Facebook, Instagram, and Google Business. Social engagement boosted over 50% on Instagram. Social engagement for Facebook stayed relatively the same since Turning Point Yoga & Wellness’ target audience doesn’t use Facebook.

Major Successes

  • Two people signed up of a class together after seeing all the promotional social posts.
  • One person converted and attended a yoga class after discovering Turning Point Yoga & Wellness from the Google Ads

These results are great since Turning Point Yoga & Wellness only opened 6 months before I started working there and was struggling to find clients. Overall, these are great conversion rates for me since I only working there two months and because it was my first experience running a brand’s social media and google ads on my own.