BW Arts Management Association

Merchandise Designs | Spring 2021

AMA is the Arts Management Association at Baldwin Wallace University. AMA focuses on promoting and managing visual and performing arts. Their branding is a light blue and is playful in nature. I created merchandise based on this characteristic. The merchandise was designed to attract people, who were not a part of AMA to purchase. I focused on creating modern designs that are trendy and simple to achieve this goal and attract more people. I created designs for t-shirts, sweatshirts, and stickers for the AMA to sell using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I was given feedback from the AMA that their sells were successful. A member of the AMA said, “This is the best merch we have ever had! Thank You So Much!”

arts management stickers mockup
Arts Management Pattern sweatshirt mock-up
support local artists sweatshirt mock-up
BWAM sweatshirt mock-up
til death, we do art sweatshirt mock-up
"'til death, we do art." t-shirt mock-up
Support local artists t-shirt mockup
BWAM t-shirt mockup
Arts Management Pattern t-shirt mockup
art is hard t-shirt mock-up