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How is Email Marketing Beneficial?

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Email marketing has been around for a long time, but how is email marketing beneficial? Email marketing is a way for you or your business to get revenue, get leads, share information, and most importantly get traffic to your site.

What are the most beneficial uses for email marketing?

The best uses for email marketing are for reminding consumers of their abandoned shopping cart, reminding to re-order, to promote sales on previous purchased items or related items, and getting “insider” information.

There are two main types of marketing emails: the newsletter and the e-blast. Newsletters have multiple topics and e-blasts are more focused with just one topic which regards promotions like a specific sale, event, or alert.

How is Email Marketing Beneficial?

In HubSpot’s 12 Benefits of Email Marketing Your Marketing Team Must Know, Rebecca Riserbato explains how email marketing is beneficial?

Email marketing can do you so much more than just getting you revenue, leads, and helping share information. Riserbato gives 12 reasons why email marketing is beneficial to marketers.

  1. “Creating personalized content
  2. Collecting feedback and surveys
  3. Improving sales
  4. Communicating with your audience
  5. Generating traffic to your site
  6. Sending timely campaigns
  7. Increasing Leads
  8. Reaching the right people at the right
  9. Producing cost-effective campaigns
  10. Providing more value to your audience
  11. Having a forum for self-promotion
  12. Owning your media and contact lists”

Now that you know why email marketing is beneficial, let’s discuss what email marketing strategies marketers need to stop doing.

What should email marketers avoid doing?

In HubSpot’s Is Email Marketing Dead? No, But These Practices Are, Kayla Carmicheal, explains what email marketing strategies should be avoided since they are outdated.

Carmichael states that “email isn’t dead, just outdated.” She explains how email as a marketing channel is still useful because “99% of people check their email every day.” However, marketers overall email marketing strategies may be the problem if they are outdated.

Carmichael states that marketers need to stop using

  1. “Impersonal subject lines
  2. Ignoring GDPR standards
  3. Using templates that aren’t mobile-friendly
  4. Poor email design
  5. Not strategically using metrics”

How should marketers implement effective email marketing?

Marketers should implement all the points that Riserbato and Carmichael made above. However, the most important point to take into consideration is personalizing content and strategically using metrics.